Today I'm blogging from a little cafe in New York City. It's always been my dream to move to NYC and another one, to travel to St. Barths. When I got the chance to accompany a group of my fabulous friends to this magical island, there was no hesitation! On this beautiful winter day, I can't help but reminisce of my island travels.

I MAY HAVE overpacked but it quickly donned on me that certain items on the island of Gustavia were on heavy rotation. I hope this helps you consolidate your suitcase. Travel light and often!


Bright, and Nature inspired lip colors!

My faves are Style Section and Thieving Bandits. In a sea of nude lip glosses you'll be the brightest coral on the island. I love to go bare faced and a pop of color with sunnies, cat eye shapes being my faves! And with that tan? Whew! Head turner for sure.

A Colorful Silk Scarf

You can never go wrong with an Hermes scarf. To look fab for less, go to your local thrift and Vintage store for a square or rectangular scarf. These are clutch on those windy beach days AND nights. Don't get caught with a natty scarf that's unrolling. Keep it crisp  by folding back up when you're not wearing it and put it in it's box or between books so it stays fresh and crisp.

Sheer Nail Polish with Pink Tint

"But Kristen, I already got my nails done." That may be the case but if you got gel for your trip, it's a matter of time before it lifts from all the water and if your nail polish grows out on your trip, do you really want to be stuck in a nail salon while there's cuties on the beach? I think not. Do yourself a favor and carry some nail polish wipes and a sheer pink nail polish, Essie's Sugar Daddy is my FAVORITE that you can wear anywhere. Always chic and chip friendly.


EVERYONE can expand from and be confident in their day to day choice of style. What do you bring on your lux island travels?



Kristen Elise Brown



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