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Psst! I’ll let you in on a secret! The best way to overcome tax season blues is with Gold! Yes, Gold Label Cosmetics, made from Cruelty-Free, Luxurious ingredients, will clear out the tax storm clouds. Treat yourself or a friend to these goodies!


Our latest Nudes are sure to garner attention and feel as good they look. We formulated these Nudes for POC in mind, but anyone can wear them. 

Gold Label Cosmetics' Nude Lipstick make the best gifts for your beauty enthusiast friends!










Then there are our popular matte lip pens, featured in Buzzfeed and Refinery 29! 2006 MalbecEmpowering and Power Player are constantly flying off the shelves!  



Even Wendy Williams thought our lipsticks make great gifts! Our hottest lipsticks are Unbothered, Evil Twin, and Thieving Bandits.



Message from Owner, Kristen Elise Brown:

"My greatest joy is knowing that, whether you're a fan of my latest Nudes or my time-tested pens and lipsticks, something in my golden product line is sure to bring a glimmer to your beauty. All my products are created with you in mind."

Imaging the opulence of our products when you gift yourself and your best friend with a lux nude lipstick or a glamorous matte pen. 






Lauren B. on

✨Yesss I did bring in 2019 with my Power Player Matte Lip Pen !!💥 The colors on the Mombasa Eyeshadow Palette – Creamy , dreamy , and so much fun. Zi Se I’m coming for you. 💋 It’s nice to be Gold Labeled – Thanks , I love it ❤️#GoldLabelCosmetics

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