"You can't pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first"

Every year, around Valentine's Day, we are reminded of outward love. Who loves me enough to spend time with me on this day? What am I getting ________ for Valentine's Day? It can get just as stressful as any other gift giving holiday.

For those who don't have a special someone to fill in these blank, this particular holiday can get be stressful. I've compiled a list of my favorite SELF-LOVE tactics to lift your spirits and strengthen your confidence.


1. Affirmations
I enjoy a morning routine that includes Affirmations. Turn to this video every morning while you're getting dressed for the day and get a INSTANT boost of "feel good"
2. Call Someone you love.
You may not have a Valentine, but you have someone who wishes well for you and you, them. Call them and reminisce about good times. This also helps if you call someone you haven't reached out to in a while. Rekindling a friendship and relieving that stressful thought," I haven't talked to _________ in months/years. I hope they're not mad at me."
3.Put on a Red Lip!
For a fool-proof red that's long lasting and vibrant, we suggest our Luxury Lipstick in First Class. Its been said one conquers the world in a red lip. Equip yourself with this arsenal and elevate into the successful and powerful being you know you can be!
What self care rituals do you partake in? Leave a comment below and share your go-to's!
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