About Us



Beautiful Support for the Ambitious Beauty


"I started Gold Label Cosmetics in 2012, living colorfully and putting glitter everywhere. It wasn't until I became an on screen talent on FYI's B.O.R.N. to Style where I taught women of all walks of life about looking their best and being their confident selves that I realized my purpose is much deeper than producing shocking looks. I also noticed a lacking imagery of inclusiveness. I wanted to speak positivity and grandeur into EVERYONE's life. So began a NEW and IMPROVED Gold Label Cosmetics. A safe place to love where you're going in life and looking good on the way there."

---Kristen Elise Brown

 Gold Label Cosmetics is a cruelty-free, paraben-free color cosmetics company for the beauty enthusiast who seeks opulence and convenience. GLC is heavily influenced by the arts, fashion, travel, affirmations and especially the notion of genuinely loving the skin you’re in. GLC provides the small luxuries through quality, yet practical packaging and satisfying formulas that match their affirmative lifestyle: ever growing! 


 Gold Label Cosmetics mission is to encourage EVERYONE to proclaim THEIR BEAUTY everywhere they go.